About Us

Citrine is a free online educational platform which is developed by NRI educational society. Its main aim is to maintain all the educational information related to all fields under one roof.

The word Citrine represents the precious rare stone. The stone becomes more shiner and brighter adding more value after the proper polish likewise the quality of information uploaded by the users will make the end user (stone) come out with flying colours.

Citrine has its own database. Citrine platform can be used by both the Students/Institutions and others who are preparing for any competitive exams like NEET, JEE etc. Citrine acts as an aggregator and gathers information from various sources which will make the user to easily access the required data.
Registered users like Students / Institutions / Teachers / Lecturers / Professors and others have an option to upload any education related information to the Citrine website and it can be viewed and downloaded by all the users.

Once the information is uploaded, Citrine has a right to allow the relevant information to be displayed in the website.

If the end user scores at least one mark by studying the uploaded information, it is equal to the brightness of the polished stone.

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