Below are the few frequently asked question, that are answered to clear your doubts

CitrineSchools is an application that allows you to practice test and gives you experience of taking the real NEET,EAMCET,JEE (mains and advanced),Foundation tests. You will practice by using authentic questions prepared by 10 years experienced professionals and receive end to end analysis of your test immediately after submission of your test
CitrineSchools tests simulates the real NEET,EAMCET,JEE (mains and advanced),Foundation testing experience and provides scores immediately after submission of examination.You will also get performance reports that help you to analyze in which subject/topic you lack behind . CitrineSchools tests will also provide test to test comparision of different tests in the package and also provides report to compare yourself among your peers.
Yes, You can buy the package that you want to practice from our official website "www.citrineschools.com"
Yes, the test may be paused and restarted where you left off at a later time. Please Note: You must complete the practice test on the same operating system that you start on. You cannot switch between operating systems once the test has been started.
No. Each practice test can be taken only once. However, you can go practice all the wrongly attempted question from the reports of that test.
You must complete the entire test in order to receive a score. You will receive your scores immediately after completion of your test.
An extreme care has been taken to provide you the best quality questions. On rare occasions, a small set of questions may be repeated in another resource, but complete tests are never repeated in full.
No,the cost is for a single package not for each test in the package. So, once you purchase the package you are good to go and practice all the tests in that package at no extra cost.
Yes,there is an android application in playstore named "Citrine Tests" ,you can download and use your web credentials to login and practice the tests.